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Randy Siegel is known for fun, fast-paced, highly interactive workshops. Three of his most popular are:

The Inspired Life

Navigating the New World Order

Journey Home

Randy also offers a suite of workshops for organizations and associations.

The Inspired LifeThe Inspired Life

60 or 90 Minute Workshop

How Connection and Contribution Create Power, Passion, and Purpose

My whole being resonated with the “two Cs.” They will give me a “north star” for steering my life from this point on. . . . I felt filled with love and continued to remind myself of what I love all night. How lovely! You are gifted at what you do!

Penny Bond

Within many of us is a nagging feeling that we’re not quite living up to our potential, that something is missing from our lives. In this groundbreaking book, Siegel shows you how two words—both beginning with the letter “c”—will help you become your best self and live your best life.

By sharing stories and offering practical “how to” advice, Randy will help you align your life with those values that are most important to you so you can:

Navigating the New World Order

60 or 90 Minute Workshop

The World Is Changing; Are You Ready to Change with It?

It’s been called many names, including “post-materialism,” “the fourth great awakening,” and “the Age of Aquarius.” I call it “The Great Values Shift.” During The Great Values Shift the world is calling you to redefine your priorities.

Talk to those around you and you’ll find that many are waking up to the realization that at the end of our days, it won’t be the number of cars we have in the garage that defines our lives, but the people we have loved, and who have loved us. We’ll feel good about our lives because we’ve been of service, and we’ll feel proud of how we’ve lived.

Five critical transitions are taking place. Adapt to these, and you’ll successfully navigate The Great Values Shift to find serenity, substance, and joy.

Materialism to Meaning: We are swapping “success” for “fulfillment” as we start to realize that success does not create happiness; rather, happiness creates success.

Me to We: We are moving from individualism to collectivism—from branding to banding—as we embrace the universal truth that we are all one.

Transaction to Trust: The old world was built on transactions, but connection is fast becoming the new currency. Few transactions will be made until trust is built, and trust must be built on connection.

Cognitive to Emotive: It’s been written that we have three emotional centers: head, heart, and gut. In the recent past, we have over-relied on the head, neglecting the gut and heart. In order to thrive—indeed survive—in the new world order, we will need to balance all three.

Blame to Responsibility: Gandhi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Change yourself and you’ll change the world. Instead of placing the blame on other forces, we are being called to take personal responsibility. No matter how small an action we take, we can positively impact the whole.

Purchase Randy Siegel’s Special Report: Survive or Thrive? How to Navigate the Great Values Shift and Find Serenity, Substance, and Joy in Turbulent Times

Young LionJourney Home

Two-Day Workshop

There’s an old Zen story about a young lion that was raised by a sheep; he thought he was a sheep. One day, an older lion found him, captured him, took him to a pond, and showed him his reflection. Upon seeing his reflection, the younger lion knew who he was and roared.

Like that pond, this workshop will allow you to reflect on your life, reclaim your authentic self, and become the full expression of all you are. Based upon a proprietary process, you’ll:

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