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compassYour Internal GPS:
Seven Tools for the Journey Home

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To stand in your power and become the full expression of all you are requires you to live your life, follow your direction, find your voice, and speak your truth. In this valuable Special Report you’ll receive seven tools to help you find your way home:

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Survive or Thrive Survive or Thrive?
How to Navigate the Great Values Shift and Find Serenity, Substance, and Joy in Turbulent Times

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It’s been called many names, including “post-materialism,” “the fourth great awakening,” and “the Age of Aquarius.” I call it “The Great Values Shift.” During The Great Values Shift the world is calling you to redefine your priorities and shift your values.

Five critical value shifts are taking place. Adapt to these, and you’ll find serenity, substance, and joy in turbulent times.

Materialism to Meaning: We are swapping “success” for “fulfillment” as we start to realize that success does not create happiness; rather, happiness creates success.

Me to We: We are moving from individualism to collectivism—from branding to banding—as we embrace the universal truth that we are all one.

Transaction to Trust: The old world was built on transactions, but connection is fast becoming the next currency. Few transactions will be made until trust is built, and trust must be built on connection.

Cognitive to Emotive: It’s been written that we have three emotional centers: head, heart, and gut. In the recent past, we have over-relied on the head, neglecting the gut and heart. In order to thrive—indeed survive—in the new world order, we will need to balance all three.

Blame to Responsibility: Gandhi once said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Change yourself and you’ll change the world. Instead of placing blame on other forces, we are being called to take personal responsibility. No matter how small an action we take, we can positively impact the whole.

Stand In Your Power CoverThe Charismatic Communicator:
How to Communicate in the Flow

Only $12.95

You have the power within you to communicate in a way so powerful that you can motivate, influence, even inspire people. You have the power to communicate in the flow.

When you communicate in the flow, you are like the ancient alchemist who transforms base metal into gold. Magic transpires; you form almost spiritual connections and find yourself communicating in ways so insightful that you can surprise even yourself.

In this exciting eBook you learn about the three stages of communicating in the flow: translucent, transparent, and transcendent. As you master each, you'll gently grow into a more charismatic communicator connecting more with yourself, others, and your higher power.

Purchase now and become the charismatic communicator you were born to be.

Life Is A Musical CoverIf Life Is a Musical
Why Can't I Hear the Music?

Only $12.95

Free the music that is within you! Live a life that matters! Stand in your power and become the full expression of all you are! In this fun eBook you'll learn eight keys to living a life that matters:

Follow these eight keys and you'll join the dance that is life. You'll live authentically, find true happiness, and live a life that matters.

Stand In Your Power Cover

Stand in Your Power:
How to Stand Tall in Down Times

Only $12.95

If the recession is getting you down, you can't afford not to check out this four-step strategy for turning your attitude and life around.

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