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Discover Your Enneagram Type

The Enneagram is a guide to personality types based on the teachings of ancient Sufi masters. It can aid us in self-discovery, spiritual growth, and self-actualization. I like the Enneagram because it helps identify our personal "glass ceilings," or those self-limiting "boxes" we place ourselves in. Gaining a sense of how we unknowingly and automatically constrain ourselves allows us to shatter those glass ceilings and lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

There are several free sites on which you can discover your Enneagram type. Below is my favorite. When taking the test, base your answers on who you feel you really are rather than who you would like to be. For some, it may be helpful to take the test thinking back to when you were twenty. It is also helpful to consider how you act when stressed.

If you don't think the test pegs you, it may be helpful to read about each type and see which resonates with you.


On this site, you’ll find posts about happiness, motivation, inspiration, love, relationships, meaning, possibilities, and mindfulness. Much of the material has roots in Buddhism, but this is not a site about religion. It’s a site intended to help you take great ideas and apply them to your life.

Tut’s Adventurer Club

This site calls itself, “a free community for spiritual adventurers.” Check it out.

Women Saving the World Now

One of my good friends, Lewis Perkins, started this blog to begin a conversation between men and women on the subject of women saving the world and the return of feminine qualities as we retool, rebuild, reconnect, and restore our planet and mankind.


Steve Pavlina’s website is billed as a site for those of us who want to “grow into conscious beings.” If you’re into personal development, check it out.

Philosphers Notes

If you’re like me and love self-help books, you should know about Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes. This is a paid service where you’ll receive “Cliff Notes” on some of the best self-help books around.

Creative Expression

Many of my clients are professionals, and when they talk to me about what is missing in their lives inevitably one of the things they mention is some kind of creative expression. If you’d like to bring more creativity into your life, here are some links to explore: