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compassRaves About Randy

“You believed in me until I could believe in myself. You have a powerful gift. I’m glad you’ve chosen to use it in your life.”

Cynthia Gentry
Chair, Atlanta Taskforce on Play and
Founder and Executive Director of Art Heals

“Thank you, Randy! As a 40-something woman, graduating with my first bachelor’s degree in fine art—and trying to determine where I am heading next—your teleseminar reminded me that I will find those answers within.”

Bobbi Hall
Participant in Me, Inc. Teleseminar
Hosted by Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society

“You have the rare ability to open your heart, listen, and then respond with the summary of what needs to be done to build upon strengths.”

Joy Hallinan

“My time spent with you has opened my eyes to who I am…. Your help and caring has given me a model of how I can continue to become a better person.”

Scott Gilbert

“I attended one of your workshops and was so moved by your words and book that I haven’t forgotten the experience. You helped me realize that my value is in me and not in my position or the job…. Thank you for helping me find my clarity.”

Kelli Miller

“Thank you for speaking directly to my mind and heart. I appreciate your willingness to share your experience with me; it inspires me to move boldly and compassionately forward.”

CEO, National Retail Chain

“You have honed a very special gift of communicating and being very in touch with who you are. That self-awareness and your ability to communicate your message in an inspirational way added value to our time with you…. I admire your ability to focus your attention on individuals, with clarity and purpose.”

Ron Jackson
Deputy Commissioner
Department of Technical and Adult Education

“Your continual and ruthless search for truth, self, and all-out living amazes and inspires me.”

Beth Carter

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