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Free Book Excerpt!

The Inspired Life:

How Connection and Contribution Create Power, Passion, and Joy


In this remarkable book Randy Siegel, renowned life trainer and coach, applies ‘connection’ and ‘contribution’ to the burning questions presented by our extraordinary age: Who am I now? Where do I fit? Where do I go from here? Siegel says we are in the midst of a "Great Values Shift" from materialism to meaning. We can experience this cosmic spike upwards either as threatening or as a shining opportunity to have an inspired life. . .This is a practical, down-to-earth manual on how to live a heavenly life in these seismically shifting times—and make a positive impact in the world as we go.

Joseph Dispenza, author of The Way of the Traveler and God on Your Own: Finding a Spiritual Path Outside Religion

Within many of us is a nagging feeling that we’re not quite living up to our potential, that something is missing from our lives. In this groundbreaking book, Siegel shows you how two words—both beginning with the letter “c”—will help you become your best self and live your best life.

By sharing stories and offering practical “how to” advice, Randy will help you align your life with those values most important to you so that you can:

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